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86. King Johnathon

Listen here          Listen/Subscribe on Spotify           Buy us a coffee It’s medieval madness as Ben and Mark discuss ROBOT OF SHERWOOD and THE KING’S DEMONS. As they wander through Sherwood forest, the Lash Lads chat about grumpiness, comedy in Doctor Who … Continue reading

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63. EastEnders Land

Listen here          Subscribe here Ben and Mark discuss Doctor Who’s relationship with realism as they watch “Night Terrors” and “Survival”. Is Night Terrors’ main issue a lack of grounding in a particular time or place? Is Survival … Continue reading

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49. A Crack in Churchill’s Bunker

This week’s episode is brought to you by Voga. Listen here                                                           … Continue reading

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OTTL Extra 9.6: Sleep No More/Doctor Who Festival

Listen here                 Subscribe on iTunes Dedicated to little Dominic the Judoon. Ben returns from the Doctor Who Festival chilled and relaxed and relates his stories from the Doctor Who Festival. Meanwhile a … Continue reading

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