50. Verthshock?

s5e04promoOr…”Called Over to a Street Time Wank Show”

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In their 50th episode, Ben and Mark address their changing opinions on the Peter Davison serial  Earthshock, which has been paired up with Matt Smith Weeping Angels two parter, The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone.

Under discussion: Alien/Aliens, the difference between characters you care about and cannon fodder, Beryl Reid: Space Pirate.

Ben relates the story of how his enjoyment of the climactic moments of Time of Angels was ruined (and not in the way you’re thinking), whilst Mark has resorted to exhaling in despair at the mere mention of Eric Saward’s name.

If you want to know more about Adam Smith’s feature debut Trespass Against Us, (Released March 3rd) Mark reviewed the film here and interviewed the director here.

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OTTL Extra: Capaldi, 13, Hurt

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Ben and Mark cover the topical issues of Peter Capaldi’s Christmas departure, Chris Chibnall’s Series 11, the mad speculation over the 13th Doctor and the sad loss of John Hurt.

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49. A Crack in Churchill’s Bunker

This week’s episode is brought to you by Voga.


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Oddly topical for a podcast recorded back in August, Ben, Mark and their good friend Derek discuss poor decisions made in the interests of marketing as they cover Victory of the Daleks and The Claws of AxosAre these aliens operating in our best interests?

Over the course of 100 minutes, they cover everything from the ill-judged colourful Daleks, the perfectly judged Ironside Daleks, the magic of Bill Paterson, bureaucratic slugs, Brexit, Jon Pertwee impressions, maths problems and a remote control Bob Hope (below)


‘Til next time, don’t trust people who don’t like the Jon Pertwee era.



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48. Birdbath

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Or “Worse than Tom Baker blowing off a big green cock”

Ben and Mark discuss two of Doctor Who’s lesser loved stories; The Beast Below and Dragonfire in a discussion of benevolent creatures, good/bad monster design, the BBC’s sitcom season, the introduction of Ace, the hastily written departure for Mel and that cliffhanger.

Also, Mark revisits the unmade story The Song of the Space Whale, the Big Finish adaptation of which can be found here or bought from here.

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47. Licked by a Stegosaurus


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After a long summer break, Ben and Mark return to begin their look at the Steven Moffat/Matt Smith era with a discussion about The Eleventh Hour and Spearhead from Space. Mark also interviews the director of The Eleventh HourAdam Smith about his experiences working on the series opener.

But before all that, there’s the very small matter of Mark becoming a part of established Doctor Who continuity….

Show Notes


Mark appears in Grant Perkins’ Strax and the Time Shark in Doctor Who Adventures

For more of Grant’s wonderful artwork, check out his website here, and if you fancy showing your support, check out his Patreon here.



Adam Smith’s feature debut Trespass Against Us plays the London Film Festival in October.

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Film Club #1: Daleks – Invasion Earth 2150 AD


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To celebrate 50 years of Daleks – Invasion Earth 2150AD, Ben and Mark launch the On the Time Lash Film Club, an occasional series discussing films with tangential links to Doctor Who.

Beginning with the 1966 movie adaptation, they ponder whether the Daleks exterminated British cinema  and whether or not there was a deeper, cultural reason behind the film’s failure at the box office.

Apologies for a wealth of culturally specific references to 1970s British sitcoms and some incredibly loud crisp munching.

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46. It’s All About the Feels

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It’s the 46th episode and time to bid farewell to David Tennant and Russell T Davies with a discussion about the (criminally underrated?) End of Time, pairing it with the (criminally overrated?) The War Games.

Topics covered include: Fans “tweaking” established history, differing portrayals of the Timelords, why the Tenth Doctor’s regeneration isn’t long and drawn out and whether or not a 10 episode story is too long.

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