67. A Pigeon in a Loft

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Time is against them as Ben and Mark battle sickness and a naughty dog to bring you their discussion about ‘The Wedding of River Song’ and ‘The Time Monster’.

Two season finales as Steven Moffat brings his tangled web of plotlines together to close out Series 6 and Robert Sloman does whatever it is he’s doing to close Series 10.

Why does the Doctor have a mullet? Is the new series missing the madness of Moffat? Is Kronos, God of time really such a threat? How does eating pheasant at a publicly funded institution look? How sexy is Roger Delgado?

ALSO: Ben and Mark discuss their reactions to Series 11 thus far and question whether or not Doctor Who is still for them.

You can read Mark’s latest BBBP blog here

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66. Pantomimetic

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Ben and Mark discuss sub-par Cyber sequels as they debate the relative merits of ‘Closing Time’ and ‘Attack of the Cybermen’. Are they each as bad as fan wisdom will have you believe? If you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while you’ll probably know the answer to that.

Under discussion: Parenthood, the fear of children, psycho-analysing Steven Moffat, being rude about DWM staff, saying nice things about Eric Saward, dodgy synths and Colin Baker wielding a gun.

Also: As series 11 continues, Ben and Mark briefly discuss ‘Rosa’ and ‘Arachnids in the UK’.
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65. Ben and Mark Get the Horn(s)

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Ben and Mark talk a load of bull in their fruity Scottish accents as they reach The God Complex and pair it up with 1979’s The Horns of NimonExpect Brexit metaphors, an impassioned defence of a much maligned classic, an embarrassing defeat in Degsey’s Where Did it Come Game, the differing approaches to the comedy of Douglas Adams and appreciation for an animatronic minotaur, Amara Khan, Rory Williams and Lalla Ward. Praise them.


Also this week: Ben and Mark discuss The Ghost Monumentthe new TARDIS, and ponder where the new merchandise for the kiddies has disappeared to.

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OTTL Extra 13.1: Tim Shaw & The Baconaise Benefactor

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Ben and Mark meet up in a WetherSPOONS (Eh? Eh?) to discuss Jodie Whittaker’s debut in The Woman Who Fell to Earth.

Along the way they’ll discuss Sheffield, the tribalist marketing push, feeling left out by social media buzz, some of Doctor Who’s top vagrants, the memeability of the opening episode, the strength and human frailty of the companions, compare Jodie with James Bond, and ponder the fear of teeth.

Special guest appearance by a bemused Wetherspoons waiter.

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64. An Enigma Wrapped in a Mystery Dressed in a Schoolboy Outfit that’s Age Inappropriate


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Discussing generic walking paradoxes, dual companions, Ben and Mark discuss The Girl Who Waited and Mawdryn Undead. Along the way there’s discussion of lost loves, missed opportunities, and the Macarena.

Is Mawdryn Undead horrible? Was Wilfred Mott in the employ of the Black Guardian? Shouldn’t Handbot Rory get a credit for such a brilliant performance?

ALSO: Ben and Mark discuss the imminent launch of Series 11 and it’s first press screening in a manner that is not at all bitter.

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63. EastEnders Land


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Ben and Mark discuss Doctor Who’s relationship with realism as they watch “Night Terrors” and “Survival”.

Is Night Terrors’ main issue a lack of grounding in a particular time or place? Is Survival the perfect end for Doctor Who?

Along the way, Mark goes a bit Noel Edmonds and ponders Doctor Who’s cosmic coincidences, Ben discovers the inherent sadness of the humble dog on a chain and there’s some discussion of the endings to Seinfeld, Star Trek and Will & Grace.

ALSO: Doctor Who Magazine, Series 11 “news” and “Earthshock” at the BFI.

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62. Doctor Who Discovers: Nazis


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Returning from a summer break, and hounded by a pack of rabid dogs, Ben and Mark discuss portrayals of the Nazis in Doctor Who via a discussion about “Let’s Kill Hitler” and “The Dalek Invasion of Earth”. Along the way, Ben buys Steven Moffat a drink, which thankfully isn’t a bottle of Hitler branded wine.

Under discussion: The dangers and benefits of playing Hitler for laughs, the 2001 novel “The Shadow in the Glass”, the Nazis in the cultural landscape of the 1960s, time travelling vigilante justice, as well as the new Sunday timeslot and the DWM Time Team.

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