47. Licked by a Stegosaurus


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After a long summer break, Ben and Mark return to begin their look at the Steven Moffat/Matt Smith era with a discussion about The Eleventh Hour and Spearhead from Space. Mark also interviews the director of The Eleventh HourAdam Smith about his experiences working on the series opener.

But before all that, there’s the very small matter of Mark becoming a part of established Doctor Who continuity….

Show Notes


Mark appears in Grant Perkins’ Strax and the Time Shark in Doctor Who Adventures

For more of Grant’s wonderful artwork, check out his website here, and if you fancy showing your support, check out his Patreon here.



Adam Smith’s feature debut Trespass Against Us plays the London Film Festival in October.

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Film Club #1: Daleks – Invasion Earth 2150 AD


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To celebrate 50 years of Daleks – Invasion Earth 2150AD, Ben and Mark launch the On the Time Lash Film Club, an occasional series discussing films with tangential links to Doctor Who.

Beginning with the 1966 movie adaptation, they ponder whether the Daleks exterminated British cinema  and whether or not there was a deeper, cultural reason behind the film’s failure at the box office.

Apologies for a wealth of culturally specific references to 1970s British sitcoms and some incredibly loud crisp munching.

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46. It’s All About the Feels

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It’s the 46th episode and time to bid farewell to David Tennant and Russell T Davies with a discussion about the (criminally underrated?) End of Time, pairing it with the (criminally overrated?) The War Games.

Topics covered include: Fans “tweaking” established history, differing portrayals of the Timelords, why the Tenth Doctor’s regeneration isn’t long and drawn out and whether or not a 10 episode story is too long.

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45. Shitty Robot

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Communicating via video link like the inhabitants of Bowie Base One, Ben and Mark discuss The Waters of Mars; a story Ben feels is one of the very best pieces of Doctor Who there is. But what is it that disappoints Mark?

After that, as chosen by the listeners; The Seeds of Death, a story that in many ways predicted the current state of space travel in the 21st century.

Also under discussion: The fall of Woolworths 8 years on, Fast Food Rockers, excellent Doctor Who directors, the benefits of a “by Russell T Davies” credit, and lots more!

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44. An Unwarranted Snog on a Bus

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Ben and Mark begin looking at the specials with Planet of the Deadpairing it up with another foreign location set tale Planet of FireDo the stories warrant the extensive location work? Is Peri the most overtly sexualised companion ever? Did the 80’s production team ruin a golden opportunity for interesting storytelling and character development? And can Planet of the Dead really claim to be a special?

Also: We raise a glass to 500 issues of Doctor Who Magazine and discuss the potential Doctor Who writers room. Meanwhile, Sex Leers It’s Inquisitive Head.

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43. Walking in the Footsteps of CyberKings

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Ben and Mark visit the Cybermen’s favourite pub to discuss The Next Doctor before wandering over to Soho to celebrate Tom Baker’s debut in Robot.

But before all that, there’s the small matters of a new companion and an exhibition of Target artwork to discuss!

Apologies if some of the background noise is distracting, but who knows? Maybe those people chatting in the background have some equally important opinions on Mr Pastry playing the Doctor.

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42.2: A Cacophony of Companions (Part 2)


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PREVIOUSLY: One bottle of cava, the Stolen Earth and Journey’s End.

NOW: The Five Doctors, another bottle of cava, some whisky and the sound of a podcast screeching it’s way off the rails.

In this episode: Ben attempts to slaughter a sacred cow, but can Mark salvage The Five Doctors and present all the good that it has to offer?

Also this week: Why Christopher Eccleston and Tom Baker don’t owe you a damned thing.

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