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images.jpgIn addition to getting us on Facebook and Twitter, you can also email us at:

We welcome any comment, opinion and feedback about the podcast in general, or why not come On The Time Lash with us and grab a pint, watch the episodes we’re going to be gabbing about, then send us your specific thoughts and observations and help shape our discussion?


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  1. MA Tamburro says:

    Hello Ben and Mark

    I’m the Director Producer of a new Doctor Who fan audio that your listeners may find of interest. I know that you usually talk about new who and classic who but we’d certainly love to chat with you on your show if you are interested!

    Doctor Who: Dark Journey merges the best of classic Who with the best of NuWho – but with a darker edge. The audio series features the music of prog-rock UK band Traffic Experiment.

    About Dark Journey:
    A recently regenerated and emotionally shattered Doctor on his last regeneration, arrives in London and becomes the unexpected companion to Sherlock Holmes. The Doctor and Sherlock are initially teamed up by Scotland Yard in an effort to stop Jack the Ripper’s murderous trail of terror. But could there be an even greater evil at work in Victorian England?

    Series written by Andrew Chalmers, Directed by MA Tamburro, Sound Design by Clayton Turner.

    Episodes, clips and info here:


    MA Tamburro

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