Ben and Mark

20140608_151304 - Copy (2)Mark and Ben have known each other for about 10 years, meeting at one of the Edinburgh and Lothians Doctor Who group’s regular Monday night get-togethers at The Canon’s Gait pub on the Royal Mile.

After attending the 50th Anniversary convention at the ExCel Centre in London they wanted to become a bit more proactive in their fandom and since they first met gabbing about Who over a few pints they decided that could be a good basis for a podcast.

You be the judge…

Also, since the next big Who milestone is the tenth anniversary of the series returning to our screens in 2005, they thought they’d count down to it by re-watching New Who from the start, and use it as a jumping off point to create an accessible and fun primer to the Classic series.


2752_148962870455_5594514_nMARK DONALDSON

Mark vividly remembers watching a repeat of The Mind Robber in 1992. Since then, he’s grown up with, at an angle to, and, on rare occasions (Thanks puberty!) apart from Doctor Who. He’s better now.

Outside of Doctor Who Mark is a budding film writer, though at this stage prefers to describe himself as a “film chatter-aboutter”. He is currently in the process of resurrecting his film podcast 2 Guys Wot Work In a Cinema which you can subscribe to here

Visit his blog                                 Follow him on Twitter



Ben has been a Doctor Who fan since the age of eleven, becoming hooked, believe it or not, after seeing the 1996 TV Movie and getting a loan of Silver Nemesis on video from friend.

Those stories usually have the opposite effect on folk…

Outside of Doctor Who (is there such a place?) Ben is a writer and comedian, regularly gigging all over the UK.

Check out his Website        Follow him on Twitter

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