41. Picking Over Scraps

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Ben and Mark discuss worlds without the Doctor; the current drought, which forces the Lash Lads to pick over the scraps of news items from the past few weeks.

After that, a visit to the alternate worlds of Turn Left and Inferno.

Does Turn Left really actually make any sense? Is Inferno the most important piece of the Third Doctor era?

ALSO: Mark discusses the depths he went to satisfy his Doctor Who addiction.

Show notes below…

That video artwork for Inferno


The piece about the potential new companion can be found here.

Some more information on the fascist Doctor is here. Which Mark got wrong in the episode, it was actually Paul Cornell who posited the idea in Timewyrm: Revelation. So, yeah, fan theory.



Peter Capaldi draws the first 4 Doctors on one of the most recent Fan Shows

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