38. Wasp Drowning with Ben and Mark

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All change in the present day as Steven Moffat hands over to Chris Chibnall. Ben and Mark discuss their reactions to the news and the possibilities the future holds.

Meanwhile, in the past, we continue our Series 4 watch through with The Unicorn and Wasp and pair it up with Terror of the Vervoids as we look at Agatha Christie’s influence on Doctor Who.

The now traditional Doctor Who fan discussion of why Trial of a Timelord was a massive mistake gets an On the Time Lash spin. Ben discusses the dangerous wasp based lessons The Unicorn and the Wasp gives our children and Mark references Akira Kurosawa to show just how bloody clever he is.

Show notes below…

Chris Chibnall’s appearance on “Open Air” in 1986:

Buy Matt Fitton’s brilliant The Wrong Doctors.

The Colin Baker cliffhanger faces Tumblr.


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