#30. Regenerating All Over the F***ing Shop

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Ben and Mark make a much more successful second attempt to discuss Utopia and Frontios after previous technical and geographical difficulties. The return of the Master and Captain Jack, the destruction of the TARDIS, rubber skirts and spittle flecked deliveries all come under discussion.

Also this month: Ben and Mark discuss Doctor Who celebrities they haven’t met, Christopher H Bidmead tries to flog us some merchandise, and Mark proposes an X-rated remake of Mawdryn Undead.

Show Notes below….

Bvpq0JpCIAAga7E (1)


Above: Separated at birth?

Some Derek Acorah highlights for your enjoyment:

That EIFF interview with Karen Gillan, shot by friend of the show Richie Morgan:

Some more information on the film Freema Agyeman was in Edinburgh to promote is here.

The first few pages of the upcoming “The Four Doctors” comicbook series can be found here.

Frontios, as read by Christopher H Bidmead can be bought here. (And from other, non tax paying online retailers)

And finally, isn’t this jacket LOVELY?

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