Next episodes…

imagesWe’ve already recorded episode 5 where we chat about The Long Game and Vengeance On Varos, and it’ll be out on Saturday 5 April.

For episode 6 we’ll be looking at Father’s Day from 2005, and from the Classic era, Day of the Daleks, in our ‘the dangers of fannying about with time’ special.  Give us your thoughts! (Out Saturday 19th April)

After that it’s The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances, but we’re undecided which Classic story to watch.  Why not help us out?  Do we go with the World War II setting and have a watch of The Curse of Fenric?  Look at the theme of technology gone accidentally wrong and chat about Inside the Spaceship or Inferno or Carnival of Monsters or The Face of Evil?  Or do something a bit left field and since these are current showrunner Steven Moffat’s first episodes have a look back at Classic examples of significant Who writers and their first contributions?  Inside the Spaceship again for David Whitaker maybe, or Terrance Dicks’s first story The Seeds of Death, or Robert Holmes and The Krotons?  Get involved and drop us an email or Tweet us with your thoughts! (Out Saturday 3 May)

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