Episode #3 postponed!

Steven-Moffat-facepalmWell, today’s the day!  It’s time for Episode #3: ‘Farting and Squelching’ where we take a look at Aliens of London / World War III and Terror of the Zygons!

Uhm… except it isn’t…

Due to an almighty cock up – it doesn’t matter on whose part* – we lost the recording of the Aliens of London / World War III bit of Episode #3.

That means that, we’re really sorry, but there won’t be an Episode #3 out today because… well… there isn’t one.

We had thought of just putting out the Zygons bit we still have with Mark and Ben providing new in-character linking material like Tom Baker off of the Shada VHS and using telesnaps.

But we’ve decided just to re-record the first part of Episode #3 next week along with Episode #4 and we’ll be putting the two episodes out together in two weeks time.

Again, we’re really sorry.**  See you in two weeks!

*Ben’s.  It was Ben’s.  Ham-fisted bun vendor.

**Ben.  Ben is really sorry.

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