71. Extraordinary Participation


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As we prepare to say goodbye to the Ponds, Ben and Mark talk about friendship via THE POWER OF THREE and THE SEEDS OF DOOM. In a podcast first, Ben views a bona-fide Doctor Who classic for the very first time, whilst both hosts try to read between the lines to figure out exactly what the hell was going on with Steven Berkoff.

Also: Yet another Big Finish pitch, rampant consumerism, a bolshy and bruising Tom Baker, another tribute to the wonderful Elisabeth Sladen and the fall and rise of UNIT in Doctor Who.

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The Magnificent 70

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To celebrate 70 podcasts, Ben and Mark discuss the Doctor Who westerns ‘A Town Called Mercy’ and ‘The Gunfighters’ over a magnificent 70(ish) minutes of drinks and chat.

Under discussion this month: Toby Whithouse’s Wild West shopping list, the Western genre, comedy in Doctor Who, William Hartnell’s comic chops, singing, childrens TV and a long overdue appreciation of some of the show’s unsung heroes like cinematographers and directors.

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If you want to read Mark’s piece about William Hartnell’s acting roles, it’s available here.

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69. Dinosaurs on a Podcast


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Delayed like your Season 18 BluRays and not nearly as rewarding, Ben and Mark return to discuss ‘Dinosaurs on a Spaceship’ and ‘Invasion of the Dinosaurs’.

Under discussion: Heavy moral decisions, other less successful Saturday tea time sci-fi shows, dinosaurs, the poignancy of a Burger King and a rug shop, starting again, an appreciation of both Richard Franklin and the brilliance of Elisabeth Sladen and dinosaurs. Again.

ALSO: Pondering the political parallels of current Doctor Who fandom, and giving up on DWM

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68. Rodney Bewes’ Groin Strain


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Returning after a series break, Ben and Mark return to cast their eyes towards Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary series as they discuss Asylum of the Daleks and Resurrection of the Daleks.

Along the way, they’ll play relationship therapist to Amy and Rory, ponder Daleks as set dressing, discuss big movie concepts, busy plotting, the brutality of Eric Saward and the breath of fresh air that is Jenna Coleman.

Tickets for Ben’s show at the Glasgow Comedy Festival are available here and his podcast is hosted over here. Meanwhile, Mark’s work for the Big Blue Box Podcast is available from here.

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The On the Time Lash Annual 2019

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Ben and Mark look back at Jodie Whittaker’s first series as the Doctor, giving their Top 5 episodes and discussing their own reactions to what has proved to be a divisive season.

Also, a chat about ‘Resolution’, discussing the recent New Year special and what it may mean for the future of Doctor Who specials.

And finally, the Lash Lads continue their journey through 21st Century Doctor Who with a chat about the 2011 Christmas Special “The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe”, perhaps the least loved Christmas special of all time.

ALSO: Christopher Eccleston falls foul of a catering trolley, Mark recounts his Brad Pitt story, and the boys open their Christmas gifts from Degsey Claus.

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67. A Pigeon in a Loft

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Time is against them as Ben and Mark battle sickness and a naughty dog to bring you their discussion about ‘The Wedding of River Song’ and ‘The Time Monster’.

Two season finales as Steven Moffat brings his tangled web of plotlines together to close out Series 6 and Robert Sloman does whatever it is he’s doing to close Series 10.

Why does the Doctor have a mullet? Is the new series missing the madness of Moffat? Is Kronos, God of time really such a threat? How does eating pheasant at a publicly funded institution look? How sexy is Roger Delgado?

ALSO: Ben and Mark discuss their reactions to Series 11 thus far and question whether or not Doctor Who is still for them.

You can read Mark’s latest BBBP blog here

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66. Pantomimetic

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Ben and Mark discuss sub-par Cyber sequels as they debate the relative merits of ‘Closing Time’ and ‘Attack of the Cybermen’. Are they each as bad as fan wisdom will have you believe? If you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while you’ll probably know the answer to that.

Under discussion: Parenthood, the fear of children, psycho-analysing Steven Moffat, being rude about DWM staff, saying nice things about Eric Saward, dodgy synths and Colin Baker wielding a gun.

Also: As series 11 continues, Ben and Mark briefly discuss ‘Rosa’ and ‘Arachnids in the UK’.
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