61. On the Time Lash LIVE!

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Or: The Caves of Andro-Zany

Three men go to war against sobriety as Ben, Mark and Derek discuss A Good Man Goes to War and The Caves of Androzani in a very special podcast recorded live at Edinburgh Geek and Nerd’s WhoFest. A live podcast performed, aptly enough, in a cave to an increasingly hostile audience.

As they compete with both the hottest day of the year and an incoming pub quiz they cover hubris, consequences, toy boxes, lactating Sontarans and 1980’s grimness.

ALSO: It’s Saturday Niiiiiiight! Ben and Mark team up with the audience to do battle in a very special version of Degsey’s Where Did it Come Game and there’s a tribute to former executive-producer John Nathan-Turner.

If you’re interested, the video we used to introduce the show is below:

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60. A Depraved Nicholas Lyndhurst


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In their 60th episode, Ben and Mark discuss evil doubles as they reach The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People and pair it up with The Enemy of the World. Along the way they discuss disposable employees, Donald Trump, Brexit, pregnancy horror, misjudged endings and dodgy accents.

ALSO: Ben sings! Mark rounds up some of the more bizarre responses to the lack of a Doctor Who trailer during the World Cup whilst Ben admits to an act of criminality.

Dedicated to our pal Derek, on the weekend of his birthday.


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59. A Hand in the Doctor’s Wife


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Ben and Mark crack open a can of TARDIS Special as they discuss The Doctor’s Wife and The Edge of Destruction/Brink of Disaster/Inside the Spaceship/Or What You Will….

Along the way, they discuss the muted effect mythology episodes of long-running shows can have in retrospect, have a brief but spoileriffic chat about Steven Moffat’s Day of the Doctor novelisation and place the praise for who the Doctor is today firmly at the feet of Ms. Barbara Wright.

But before all that there’s the matter of Doctor Who on Twitch, #London1965, the Tom Baker BluRays and brand identity.

Show Notes Below

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58. Whipping Boy

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Wednesday is the new Friday

Ben and Mark visit some of Edinburgh’s less busy taverns on an uncharacteristically busy Wednesday evening to discuss The Curse of the Black Spot and The Smugglers. Apologies for the slightly noisy soundscape, just imagine you’re in a pirate tavern, a pirate tavern pumping out Lionel Ritchie.

The Curse of the Black Spot

Ben and Mark discuss fatherhood, angry responses to mediocrity, sappiness and Doctor Who’s whipping boys.

The Smugglers

Arguing that this is possibly Hartnell’s true last great performance, the Lash Lads talk about handsome location work, superstition, human greed and Mark hopes for a return of the straight historical in 2018.

ALSO: The Time Quake Controversy

Mark teams up with Lee and Dave from The Polis Box to do battle with a dastardly quiz master to win twenty four big pounds.

A bit more information on the film Mark and Richie are planning is available here: https://drwfandoc.wordpress.com/


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57. Kicking F*** Oot Ae Silence


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Or Two Space Pig in Ten Year

After a slightly longer break than planned, the boys are back!

We open Series 6 with late 60’s set conspiracy thriller The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon and pair it up with 1970’s conspiracy thriller The Ambassadors…………………….of Death!

Under discussion: How many ideas are too many in a Doctor Who story? Mark defends the controversial ‘genocide’ ending, more Big Finish proposals, a pitch for a controversial new reality show, why The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon gets Nixon right and an analaysis of  the idolatry towards a bright yellow roadster.

ALSO: Ben and Mark relay how they came to meet Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, Terry Molloy and Jimmy Vee at Edinburgh’s Capital Sci-Fi Con and an impromptu tribute to Elisabeth Sladen.

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56. Tegan Jovanka’s Funky Ambulance

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Ben and Mark FINALLY reach the end of Series 5 with a discussion about The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang and Castrovalva.

Along the way, they ponder how a Dalek would read an Usborne guide to the Romans, pitch a potential Big Finish boxed set, sing Alanis Morissette, sing Morrissey and just generally have a good time.

Whilst some of the chat is potentially a by-product of booze and two friends having not seen each other for a while, there are also some more measured discussions of Amy and Rory’s relationship, the problems with the Davison era and a lot of 80s Doctor Who as a whole, and what makes for a good debut from a Doctor.

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The Doctors: Monsters!

It’s a rather clichéd criticism that Doctor Who monsters are unconvincing men in poorly fitted rubber suits. The 1990s in particular saw a variety of programmes hosted by the likes of Clive James and Paul Merton poking fun at some of the series’ less successful creations.

What this latest collection from Koch Media and Reeltime Pictures does is attempt to redress the balance somewhat, interviewing the men and women, actors and dancers who played some of Doctor Who’s most memorable monsters. There’s a focus here on performance and craft rather than cheap gags about wobbly latex appendages, barring a dig at the soup dragon from The Mind of Evil.  Continue reading

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