The Marshall/Whittaker Conundrum


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The future is indeed all girl as Ben and Mark welcome the new Doctor, discussing their hopes for the female led series 11 before looking back on Peter Capaldi’s final series as the Doctor.

ALSO: Lunatic round-up! A laboured metaphor about casting decisions! Comedy sexism! Ian Levine! Philip Morris! Adolf Hitler!


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53. Whippy Tongue

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*Not Episode 54, as we keep saying it is.

The Reverends I.M Jolly of Doctor Who podcasting, Ben (riddled with a cold and thankfully not the Silurian virus) and Mark return to discuss The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood and Doctor Who and the Silurians. Unavoidably, they speculate what this Chris Chibnall penned, modern Silurian two parter could mean for the future of Doctor Who.

Also: Changing perspectives on Doctor Who series, a not particularly original reading of Series 7, and Mark recounts how he once sold a VHS tape to someone quite high up in the Doctor Who production team.

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52. Shit Trivia Podcast

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Ben and Mark welcome host of the I Hate Doctor Who podcast, Richie Morgan into an echoey Edinburgh basement to discuss our darker selves, death and unconvincing realities via Amy’s Choice/Mindwarp/The Ultimate Foe. They also dole out some really uninteresting trivia that everyone already knows.

Under discussion: Sex with Brian Blessed, a fate worse than death? The best BBC sitcom of all time. A contemporary reading of the Valeyard’s motives. An appreciation for Anthony Ainley. Charity singles!

Also: If you want to take advantage of Ben’s generous “OntheTimelash” ticket offer, why not read up on Monkey Barrel Comedy here?

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51. Space Fish in a Dolmio Sauce


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Renaissance men Ben and Mark visit Italy via the middle of the road through Croatia and Wales as they discuss The Vampires of Venice and The Masque of Mandragora. 

Under discussion: Authentic Italian flavour. Vampires. Throat cutting. The Doctor’s inability to understand simple human relationships. Some mildly inappropriate giggling at a very particular date.

But the big question is, did Robert Holmes and Philip Hinchcliffe ruin Doctor Who?

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50. Verthshock?

s5e04promoOr…”Called Over to a Street Time Wank Show”

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In their 50th episode, Ben and Mark address their changing opinions on the Peter Davison serial  Earthshock, which has been paired up with Matt Smith Weeping Angels two parter, The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone.

Under discussion: Alien/Aliens, the difference between characters you care about and cannon fodder, Beryl Reid: Space Pirate.

Ben relates the story of how his enjoyment of the climactic moments of Time of Angels was ruined (and not in the way you’re thinking), whilst Mark has resorted to exhaling in despair at the mere mention of Eric Saward’s name.

If you want to know more about Adam Smith’s feature debut Trespass Against Us, (Released March 3rd) Mark reviewed the film here and interviewed the director here.

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OTTL Extra: Capaldi, 13, Hurt

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Ben and Mark cover the topical issues of Peter Capaldi’s Christmas departure, Chris Chibnall’s Series 11, the mad speculation over the 13th Doctor and the sad loss of John Hurt.

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49. A Crack in Churchill’s Bunker

This week’s episode is brought to you by Voga.


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Oddly topical for a podcast recorded back in August, Ben, Mark and their good friend Derek discuss poor decisions made in the interests of marketing as they cover Victory of the Daleks and The Claws of AxosAre these aliens operating in our best interests?

Over the course of 100 minutes, they cover everything from the ill-judged colourful Daleks, the perfectly judged Ironside Daleks, the magic of Bill Paterson, bureaucratic slugs, Brexit, Jon Pertwee impressions, maths problems and a remote control Bob Hope (below)


‘Til next time, don’t trust people who don’t like the Jon Pertwee era.



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