54. Sunflowers A-Go-Go

*Or AMSRco Polo


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After nearly a (very eventful) year away, Ben and Mark resume their “New Who Watchthrough” with 2010’s Vincent and the Doctor, pairing it up with 1964’s Marco Polo.

Along the way, the pair get refused booze, discuss the weird world of Doctor Who themed ASMR, try to tactfully navigate discussions about mental health, gender and race before delving into some missing episode rumours.

Editor’s note: Whilst a number of topical references have been excised, we are aware Broadchurch S3 finished nearly a year ago and that Chris Chibnall has indeed cast a brilliant woman as Doctor Who, but the discussion seemed like a good one to keep in!

See you in two weeks, we promise!

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The On the Time Lash Annual 2018

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In a special seasonal episode, Ben and Mark are joined by their old friend Jonathan Melville to discuss Twice Upon a Time, A Christmas Carol, the end of the Moffat/Capaldi era and the start of the Chibnall/Whittaker one.

Along the way they’ll unwrap gifts, reflect on Christmases past, present and still to come, discuss the pros and cons of Steven Moffat, Doctor Who in the age of Netflix and long form drama, and ask whether it’s entirely helpful in the current climate to so egregiously misrepresent a whole era.

Apologies for the interference in the second half, clearly we’re a bit out of practice.

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The Doctors: The William Hartnell Years


2 Disc DVD, 324 Minutes, £14.99

As the modern series prepares to pay tribute to the First Doctor once more on Christmas Day, Koch Media’s release of The Doctors: The William Hartnell Years is a timely celebration of the man who started it all.

Collecting five of ReelTime’s Myth Makers tapes, this 2 disc set comprises interviews with many of the major players of the era including a rare, albeit brief interview with the wonderful Jacqueline Hill. The interviews are conducted by voice of the Daleks, Nicholas Briggs who gets his own Doctor Who style title sequence, surely a dream come true for him at the time, but even greater successes were still to come.


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The Marshall/Whittaker Conundrum


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The future is indeed all girl as Ben and Mark welcome the new Doctor, discussing their hopes for the female led series 11 before looking back on Peter Capaldi’s final series as the Doctor.

ALSO: Lunatic round-up! A laboured metaphor about casting decisions! Comedy sexism! Ian Levine! Philip Morris! Adolf Hitler!


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53. Whippy Tongue

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*Not Episode 54, as we keep saying it is.

The Reverends I.M Jolly of Doctor Who podcasting, Ben (riddled with a cold and thankfully not the Silurian virus) and Mark return to discuss The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood and Doctor Who and the Silurians. Unavoidably, they speculate what this Chris Chibnall penned, modern Silurian two parter could mean for the future of Doctor Who.

Also: Changing perspectives on Doctor Who series, a not particularly original reading of Series 7, and Mark recounts how he once sold a VHS tape to someone quite high up in the Doctor Who production team.

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52. Shit Trivia Podcast

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Ben and Mark welcome host of the I Hate Doctor Who podcast, Richie Morgan into an echoey Edinburgh basement to discuss our darker selves, death and unconvincing realities via Amy’s Choice/Mindwarp/The Ultimate Foe. They also dole out some really uninteresting trivia that everyone already knows.

Under discussion: Sex with Brian Blessed, a fate worse than death? The best BBC sitcom of all time. A contemporary reading of the Valeyard’s motives. An appreciation for Anthony Ainley. Charity singles!

Also: If you want to take advantage of Ben’s generous “OntheTimelash” ticket offer, why not read up on Monkey Barrel Comedy here?

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51. Space Fish in a Dolmio Sauce


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Renaissance men Ben and Mark visit Italy via the middle of the road through Croatia and Wales as they discuss The Vampires of Venice and The Masque of Mandragora. 

Under discussion: Authentic Italian flavour. Vampires. Throat cutting. The Doctor’s inability to understand simple human relationships. Some mildly inappropriate giggling at a very particular date.

But the big question is, did Robert Holmes and Philip Hinchcliffe ruin Doctor Who?

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